19 November 2012

Crocheted Winter Hats

I've been doing a lot of crochet lately. I'm not sure I'm going to finish baby girl's blanket before she comes with all of the other crochet projects I keep finding. I just keep finding other crochet projects to do that need done first and a baby girls blanket keeps getting put on hold. 

When I finished those I realized that cold weather season is coming soon and little boy doesn't  have any good winter hats, so I had to make him a hat. I made the hat with the double crochet stitch, and the bill with the single crochet stitch.

I couldn't forget baby girl and felt like I had to make her a hat too. This hat has been packed in the hospital bag for the trip home. Here are my instructions for my Newsboy Style Cap

My friend just started a photography business in the Denver Area, Michelle Carlson Photography. She's been sending me links to all sorts of listings on Etsy of things she would eventually like me to make for her to use as photo props. She had a newborn photo shoot coming up and wanted at least one cute hat she could use. I made this adorable elf hat for her. It's even more adorable on the baby she photographed.

Then, I discovered there was a baby shower coming up for one of the ladies at church. I crocheted a cute little girl for the baby girl she is expecting.
 I decided to make a matching pair of booties inspired by these booties I saw on pinterest.  You can seriously get a lot of crocheting done in the middle of the night when pregnancy insomnia kicks in.

Then I decided to finish up this snowman hat I made for baby girl. I figure since she is due the end of December I needed an adorable winter themed hat for her that I could use to take a couple of pictures for birth announcements. I actually made the majority of this hat a few months ago and just need to do the finishing touches like weaving in ends and sewing on buttons.

I decided I needed to make some progress on baby girls blanket before I made anything else. So I got a big chunk of blanket and then I started to get bored and moved on to something else. Little boy doesn't fit into the adorable reindeer hat I crocheted for him last year. Since he needed (okay, maybe not needed) another Christmas hat I decided that a striped elf hat would be perfect. When I got done making little boy's hat I decided I wanted to make a matching hat for baby girl too. She might not even be here for any of the Christmas season, but I just couldn't resist since I imagine the two of them with matching hats will probably make an absolutely adorable picture. I crocheted little holly leaves and berries and put them on a little clip for baby girls hat, just to make it a little more girly.
There are plenty of other things I could think of to crochet right now, but I really need to work on that blanket. For now I'll just keep working on the blanket....unless I find a really good excuse to work on something else.


  1. Oh my so many cute hats!! You have been very busy! You were the most viewed link last week at the party. wooohooo Thanks so much for partying with me at Link It Up Thursday.

  2. Hi Erin - I'm new to your blog (stumbled across this afternoon) and I am in LOVE with that elf hat - esp with the Holly Leaves! Would you mind sharing where the pattern is from? THANK YOU!!

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't use a pattern but to give you a general idea of what used double crochet for the majority of the hat switching the color every row and increasing by two to four stitches every few rows as I got closer to where the hat would actually sit on the head. For the wide band at the bottom of the hat i did the first row half double crochets and then for the other rows I did one half double crochet and then one front post double crochet all the way around. I didn't use a pattern for the holly leaves, but here is any easy pattern you could use. http://www.petalstopicots.com/2011/12/crocheted-holly-leaf-with-berries.html You could probably use little red buttons for the berries too.


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