05 October 2010

A cute hat and a pair of slippers

So I have a lot of left over baby yarn from all this stuff I'm making for my little bun in the oven.  I am going to a baby shower this week and decided to make a crochet newsboy style cap and some matching Mary Jane style booties for the expectant mom's little girl.
I designed and have been crocheting these newsboy style hats for years and they can be made in any size. I normally skip the buttons and the strip above the bill in the second color. A pattern?  I guess this is my attempt at writing the pattern down. First of all, the size of  your hook doesn't matter. Any size F - J works great.  I use a smaller hook for small hats and a little bit larger of a hook on larger caps.

Newsboy Style Cap
Top of Cap - Round 1: Chain two, 6 single crochet (sc) in second chain from hook. Round 2: 2sc in each sc (12 stitches)  Round 3: 2 sc in first sc, 1sc in next sigle crochet. Repeat  for entire round (18 stitches) Round 4: 2 sc in first sc. 1sc in next 2 sc. Repeat for entire round (18 stitches). Round. 5, 6, 7, etc. Repeat the process of 2 sc in first sc 1 sc in next 3, 4, 5, etc single crochets (adding an additional 1sc in between the 2sc on each additional round that you make) Make as many rounds as you need to get the top of the hat the size you want. Count your stitches to make sure that you end with a multiple of three. Do not finish off.
Side of Cap - Round 1: Chain 3 to continue. (This counts as 1 double crochet (dc). Dc in each sc. join last dc to first with slip stitch.  Round 2:  Now here is where the fun Begins. Chain 3. this counts as the first dc. In next dc (2nd dc in round 1) Back post treble crochet (BPtr - see end of post), in next dc (3rd dc in round 1) front post treble crochet (FPtr - see end of post) *BPtr in next 2 dc FPtr in next 1sc* Repeat from * to * in dc on round 1.   Join last FPtr to chain 3 with slip stitch. Round 3, 4, 5, etc. Repeat Round 2 until the hat is the desired height. Do not finish off .
Band: Sc in each BPtr and FPtr. Then sc in each sc crochet until you have 5 rounds of sc. (or 3 for smaller sixed hats)
Bill -  Half double crochet (hdc) in each sc only until the you achieve the desired width of your bill  (NOT in each sc around the entire band). Chain 2, turn, hdc in each hdc. Chain 2 work begining decrease in fdirst 2 hdc, hdc in next hdc and in each hdc to last 2 stitches, work decrease in last 2 hdc. Chain 2, turn repeat decrease process for an additional 2 or 3 rows until bill is desired length. Finish off.
Buttoned on Strip above bill -Now if you want the strip in the second color (or even the same color) buttoned above the bill. Foundation Row: Make a chain 2 chains less than the amount of hdc you used in the first row of your bill. Sc in 2bd chain from hook and in each chain across. Row 2: Chain one, turn, sc in each sc. Repeat until you have 4 rows (just leave it at 2 for the smaller sized hats).  Edging: Chain 1, turn 3sc in 1st sc. 1 sc in each sc across and 3 last stitich. Chain 3, 3 sc bottom corner 1 sc in each chain across the bottom of foundation row 3 sc in last chain of foundation row. Chain 3 join with slip stich to first sc of edging. Finish off. Sew your buttons to your hat and button on your strip. (I actually don't normally make the strip that buttons on or add buttons. I just thought it was a nice touch to help match the booties.) Whew, Now your done, atleast you are if you can follow my directions, I've never made a pattern before. Most important thing to remeber: Be creative! I made this up myself and you can easily change it. Just use different stitches. Make it look however you want.
Now when I made this hat and booties (that of course also don't have a pattern and I probably couldn't replicate if I tried) I loved the buttons I bought so much I made my self a pair of slippers, which I also made up and have no pattern for. I'm not sure I could even repeat the process on these slippers. Counting stitches was a pain, but I finished a pair of slippers and can keep my feet warm now that the weathers getting cold. I seriously loved the buttons so much I went to Joannes and bought another pack and 2 packs of pink heart shaped ones and two packs of white star shaped ones and I think I might have to make another hat and booties for my cousing who is expecting a little girl around march. The buttons are just that cute.

Front Post Treble Crochet
YO twice, insert hook from front to back of stitch indicated, yo and pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), (YO and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times)
Back Post Tr Crochet
Same as FPtr just instert hook from back to front instead.
*If you find this to be too confusing just do a double crochet instead in the post rather than the top of the stitch or do google search for an instructional video on the stitches. You can find anything on youtube these days :) Good Luck!


  1. Thank you for the patterns they are really cute. God bless.

  2. Gonna try this one for my niece. I don't know about the booties tho

  3. Next I will try the bootees for me. Wait for the finished product,it should make you laugh. I don't read the directions too well...LOL

  4. I have made two of the hats. My nieces both liked the hat I made for twin Brit. Now Ashly twin two wants one too. So I just made a larger hat for her baby boy. Brits. Baby is due in December. Thanks for the free pattern.


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