23 April 2013


Follow on Bloglovin  I've been messing with bloglovin' a bit more recently. I already added it to my blog when GFC disappeared and I really loved it. However, most of the blogs I followed through bloglovin' I also followed with my blogger dashboard and many of the blogs I followed on dashboard weren't connected to bloglovin', so I kind of quit using bloglovin'.  Well, I've heard that google reader is going to be disappearing and have been hearing more reminders about bloglovin'. I got on bloglovin' last night and discovered under the settings that you can import your entire dashbord/google reader list over to bloglovin'.  It'll be nice to have all of the blogs I follow in once place and with bloglovin' I can categorize them and organize them.  Anyway I mostly made this post because bloglovin wanted me to add some code so I could claim my blog since it's listed several times on bloglovin, but I might as well remind you that you can follow my blog with bloglovin' too.


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I'm sorry, but I've turned word verification on again. I hate trying to decipher the words just as much as anyone, but I'm getting way too much spam. I tried doing comment moderation as people suggested but the number or spam comments I had to sift through was ridiculous. I appreciate your comments and didn't want them to get lost among the spam. Hopefully, I can reduce the amount of spam and turn the word verification off soon.

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