01 September 2011

Crochet Bag w/ Removable Shoulder Strap {Free Pattern}

First of all, I want to announce the Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop: Erin's Yarn Creations. I've been busy, busy, busy using up some of my yarn supply and crocheting hats for the last week; mostly hats for baby boys and girls. Hopefully, I'll have a little bit of luck and sell a few hats, (I'm even willing to do custom orders) and if not I guess I'll end up with a storage of baby hats I can use for gifts. Maybe, if I have any luck I'll expand from hats and some other baby goods. So, check out my store and spread the word.

Moving on to my post for today....The huge diaper bag I lug around with me is awkward, and with all the baby stuff in it I can't fit much more than my wallet, keys and check book. So sometimes I feel like I could use another bag. Now, we all know I like to crochet and sometimes I like to take the smaller items I'm working on with me and the supplies either don't fit in my bag or they get caught on the Velcro. Either way this is no good and makes me wish I had another bag.  There are also times when I stop by the Farmers market and need a place to keep all of those delicious fruits and veggies. The diaper bag just doesn't cut it so I decided to crochet a bag. It's not a big bag. It's got some little handles and the shoulder strap buttons on and off. The mesh texture makes it kind of stretch so you can fit more in it that you think you can. Perfect for my needs. You could easily make this bag a different size by adding extra single crochet increase rows or changing hook size. I however wouldn't recommend using a hook much larger than a K.

Crochet Round Bag with Removable Shoulder Strap
Supplies: Worsted weight yarn, size K hook. 2 buttons around 3/4 inch.
Instructions: work in rounds
Round 1 Chain 3. In second chain from hook work 6 sc .
Round 2 2 sc in each sc 12 stitches
Round 3 [1 sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch] around, 18 stitches.
Round 4 [1 sc in next 2 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch] around, 24 stitches
Round 5 [1 sc in next 3 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch] around, 30 stitches
Round 6 [1 sc in next 4 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch] around, 36 stitches. 
(To make your bag larger I would recommend adding extra increase rounds here)Join last sc to stitch at beginning of round with slip stitch
Round 7 Chain 4(counts as a dc ch1) [Dc in next stitch, ch1] in each sc. Join to 3rd chain of chain 4 with slip stitch.
Rounds 8-15 Chain 4(counts as a dc ch1) [Dc in next stitch, ch1] in each DC, leaving each ch1space unworked. Join to 3rd chain of chain 4 with slip stitch.(you can repeat this rounds as many times as you like to increase the size of your bag.)
Round 16 Chain 3(counds as dc) Dc in each dc around. Join to chain with slip stitch (notice no ch1s in this round,) 36 stitches
Round 17-19 Sc in each stitch. join to first sc with slip stitch. Ch1.
Round 20 *Sc in next 9 stitches, ch 8, skip next 9 stitches, Repeat from * once.  Join to first single crochet with slip stitch. Ch1
Round 21 *Sc in next 3 stitches, ch3, skip next 3 stitches, sc in next 3 stitches, 9sc in ch8 space. Repeat from * once. Join to first sc with slip stitch.Ch1
Round 22 Sc in next 3 stitches, 3sc in chain3 space. sc in next 15 sc, 3sc in ch3 space, sc in next 12 sc. Join to first sc with slip stitch. Fasten off. 
Shoulder Strap: Chain 4
Row 1. SC in second chain from hook and next 2 chs. 3 stitches Ch 1, turn.
Row 2. Sc in each sc. Ch1 turn.
Row 3 (button hole) Sc in first sc, ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next sc. Ch 1 turn.
Row 4 Sc in next sc, sc in ch1 space, sc in next sc. Ch 1 Turn
Row 5 Sc in each sc. Ch1 turn.
Rows 6 - ? Repeat row 5 until shoulder strap is desired length
Row 7 (button hole) Sc in first sc, ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next sc. Ch 1 turn.
Row 8 Sc in next sc, sc in ch1 space, sc in next sc. Ch 1 Turn
Row 9 Sc in each sc. Fasten off.
Sew on buttons 7 rows from each end. (To people like me who do things with out thinking, THINK and make sure you sew both buttons on the same side of the strap)
Insert strap ends through the chain 3 space at the top of bag and button ends of strap.


  1. What a pretty little bag! Well thought of you to make a removable strap.

  2. I love this! I'm just learning to crochet and I really wish I knew how to read a pattern lol.

    Best of luck to you with your new Etsy Shop!! :o)

    Feel free to link up to my new Make Yourself Monday blog hop - maybe you'll get some customers for your etsy shop!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. I so wish I could crochet! This bag is way cute. Thanks for linking up to DIY Diva Thursdays! Hope to see you again :)



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