19 August 2011

Italian Pasta Salad

A few months ago I posted this as a guest post on Polka Dots On Parade. It's a great little blog with an awesome little link up party on Wednesdays.Check it out. Anyway,  I figure it's time to share this recipe here. Don't get use to seeing this many pictures. Seriously, I mean it!

You are going to need some rainbow rotini, Italian dressing, Parmesan cheese, sliced olives (I used the kind with the red jalapenos mixed in) and some pepperoni, preferably the kind that is chopped in little cubes or a chunk that you can chop up yourself (you can be like my mom and cheat and buy the slices and chop them in fourths, but just be warned that the sliced tend to clump together.) You could easily add cheese cubes to this recipe and that would taste delicious too.
Don't hate me because some of the
ingredients in my photo are half used.
First you are going to boil your pasta. Then, of course, you are going to strain it.
Next dump that past in a big bowl and toss it with a good 1/2 a cup or so  of Italian dressing. Use enough to coat the noodles but don't drown them.
 Next, dump in your chopped up pepperoni, drained olive slices and about 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese. Mix it all together.
Put it all in the fridge and let it chill for an hour or two before serving. Sprinkle with a little more Parmesan cheese and enjoy.  (It makes a great side dish at a potluck or a BBQ.)


  1. I need to try this urgently!! I have all the ingredients ready at home.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun.

    The party for this week is going on... hope to see you there again :)


  2. They now have the little baby pepperonis so I don't have to cut them up. Although, they do stick together same as the big ones. Still tastes good though.


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