15 August 2011

Crocheted Baby Gifts

A couple of ladies at chuch had babies this summer, so I just had to crochet some stuff for them.
One had a little boy so I made a hat and a pair of shoes for him. Sorry, no pattern for the shoes, but here is a link to the hat, the only important changes I made were, adding the puff balls and I did the last row in color 2 and did the ear flaps in color one with an outline in color 2.

One of them had a little girl so I decided to try and make a dress. A little while back a put up a post with a link for a baby dress. I don't have a little girl of my own and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make the dress. I made some changes because I wanted to incorporate 2 colors and although the  bottom of the dress in the original pattern was beautiful, I wasn't getting the hang of Solomon's knot thing and did a kind of shell stitch pattern instead. I also made a matching pair of booties but forgot to take a picture.

Crochet Baby Dress - My variation of this pattern from the Art of Crochet by Teresa

With Color 1 work 40 Chainless HDC or 42 Chains (start row 1 in 3 ch from hook.)

Row 1:   CH 2, *HDC in next ST, 2 HDC in next ST, continue across from *, turn

Row 2: CH 2, HDC in ea ST across, turn

Row 3: CH 2, *Hdc in next ST, 2 HDC in next ST, continue across from *, turn

Row 4-5: CH 2, HDC in ea ST across, turn

Row 6: CH 2, *HDC in next 2 STs, 2 HDC in next st, continue across from *, turn

Row 7:  (I changed this just a little because I was paranoid about the arm holes fitting) Add a marker to the 41st stitch from each edge. CH 1, HDC across next 16 Sts CH 6 ,SK 2 HDC(Arm Hole), HDC Across Front leaving the remaining 41 Sts for the left arm hole and back,CH 6 skip 25 stitches (Left Arm Hole), HDC across 16 Sts(Left Back). Turn

Row 8 : (Here is where I really start to change it)From this point we will be working in rounds.  Join color 2 in first stitch with slip stitch. HDC in first stitch and in each stitch across working 6 hdc in each chain 6 space at the end of row ch 1 and join to first stitch of row. DO NOT TURN.

Row 9: chain 2, 1 HDC in each stitch and in chain 1 space. At end of row join to first stitch with slip stitch. Fasten off.

Row 10: Join color 1 with slip stitch. Chain 3.  2 DC in same stitch. Skip next 2 stitches. *3 dc in stitch.  Skip next 2 stitches. Repeat from * around. Join to 3 ch of beginning chain 3 with slip stitch.

Row 11:  Chain 3. 2 dc in the space between the that first chain3 2dc cluster and the last 3cd cluster of row 10. (The gap just below your chain3). 3 dc in the space between each of the 3dc clusters. Around. Join with 3 chain of beginning chain 3 with slip stitch.

Repeat row 11 until your dress is long enough.

Row 12.  Join color 2 with sc to any stitch. Work one sc in each stitch. Join with slip to first sc.
Row 13. Reverse sc in sc. Join to first reverse sc with slip stitch. Fasten off.

Continue to use the pattern from the Art of Crochet by Teresa to finish your button holes. My only variation in the finishing work is for the collar I used the Reverse sc. For the Flower I used the radiant crochet  pattern (video, text) also from The Art of Crochet by Teresa.


  1. This is so adorable. I love the little dress.


  2. how can i make d same dress for 3 yr old kid and which hook size shd i use for that


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