21 April 2011

Origami Easter Basket

I love Easter! First of all, we get to remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. He lived and died for us and lives again so we can live again too. I also finally figured our why I love the easter bunny too. When you are a kid he brings you candy and other small gifts. I'm not a kid anymore, but I still love the Easter Bunny because I get to play him. This will be my first year with a child of my own. He is too little for candy so there wont be a major visit from the easter bunny this year.  The past two years I haven't had a kid in the house but I have still felt the need to make a goody basket for my hubby and when I was in college I put together Easter Baskets for my roommates. I think I just enjoy giving at Easter because I know it will make someone else happy that day.

Since I don't usually need big baskets for Easter, just something for a handful of candy and maybe some jelly beans, (let's face it candy is not the most important part of Easter for my husband and me) and I don't feel the need to spend money on a basket, especially after I spend too much money on candy, I usually just fold a little origami Easter Basket. They make cute little candy dishes at Easter time as well.

We will start with a square sheet of paper, preferably 12"x12". And 1/2" strip of paper that matches.

Here is my attempt at video instructions. My aim is a little off and for the record, I do know my right from my left. Also, here are instrustions for the Preliminary Base.

Happy Easter



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