15 April 2011

Easter Eggs

These Kraslice (Easter eggs) I bought at the Easter Market in Stare Mesto, Prague are my favorite souvenirs from living in the Czech Republic. I like them so much that I'm afraid they will break so they just sit in an egg carton in my closet for safe keeping. I should really find a safe way to display them. Maybe if I learned to make some myself I wouldn't be as afraid to show them off.
Maybe you know these beautiful delicate hand painted eggs as the Ukranian Pysanka.   Today Our Best Bites posted a tutorial on blown easter eggs so you can learn how to hollow your eggs and make beautiful egg ornaments too.  It's just a tutorial on hollowing them, so if you want to paint them beautifully like the eggs in the picture you are on your own. I'm not even sure what kind of paint you should use. Well, it does have a few dying/decorating ideas included. Our Best Bites also has a tutorial on dying eggs with old silk ties you might want to check out.


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