05 August 2013

Stash-buster Challenge Minnie Mouse Outfit

For Baby Girl's 7 month photo's I though a Minnie Mouse theme would be adorable and easy. Adorable, yes. Easy.....Well, we'll just say me and the sewing machine don't get along very well. I debated as to whether or not I wanted to make a little dress with a crocheted yoke or just a skirt with a crocheted edging on the bottom. I decided on the dress. I bought a little bit of black fabric and started on a little dress. I started making the yoke and was not happy with the way it was turning out, so decided to go with a skirt after all. Unfortunately, I used up all the black fabric for the dress and needed to conjure up some fabric quick. I remembered I had an old pair of black sweat pant that I previously chopped down into shorts to use with swim suits.  I figured they still had enough fabric left on them to make a little baby skirt.  This is where it got...uhm...fun?  I decided to use the existing elastic waste band, so I chopped off the waste band leaving about an inch of  fabric so there would be something to stitch the body of the skirt to. I chopped the waste band  down to the right length and stitched it back together. I made the rest of the skirt and basted  and gathered the top so it was the same circumference as the waste band.. This was really a good plan, except for sweat pants fabric is thick and stretchy and I'm not a very good seamstress. I pinned the waste band and skirt together and ran it trough the sewing machine it tugged pulled and didn't work right at all. I had to pull out the seam ripper and start over. I pinned the waste band and skirt back together, messed with the tension on the sewing machine and the foot I used. It took a couple of tries and more use of the seam ripper and I got the fabric to run through the sewing machine no problem. Hurray, I was done! And then I realized I pinned the body of the skirt to the waste band with the wrong side facing the right side of the waste band, the wrong direction! *FACE PALM*  So I pulled out the seam reaper one more time and ran the skirt through the machine, again!  It might be a while before I ever feel like I want to use a sewing machine.

Anyway the skirt with the crocheted edge and the crocheted mouse ears headband turned out adorable, so I guess it was worth all the work. But even though I like the way it all turned out, I think if I were to do something similar in the future I would definitely use crochet thread instead of yarn on the skirt. It would just give it a little bit nicer of a look, I think.
So what's next in the way of crochet projects for me?  Well, I still need to finish that blanket. I'm just hoping I get it done before baby girl turns one. I'm also working on a little cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots to use for her 8 month photos.


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