09 March 2011

Honey Glazed Ham

It's always nice buying a spiral ham from Sam's or Costco. They come with way more meat than me and my hubby can eat, but that just means leftovers for sandwiches, soup, and feijoada (a brazilian dish).  Yesterday, I went shopping and I didn't need to drive out to Costco but I wanted to get a ham. The local grocery store had hams but they didn't come with the tastey claze like the Sam's and Costco hams, so I have to make a glaze myself and luckily it's very easy to do.

Now, I got this recipe from my hubby and if I remember the story correctly he wanted to cook a nice dinner to impress some people, probably girls, during his college days, so his grandma taught him this.

All you need is
  • Ham
  • Honey
  • Dijon or Spicy Brown Mustard
Put the Ham in your pan, crock pot, or whatever you cook ham in.  Mix the honey and mustard to taste.  You'll definately need more honey than mustard.  Brush some of the honey glaze on your ham before baking and every half an hour of cooking heating your ham at whatever temperature the packaging called for.

Seriously, how easy is that. Hardly any work to make an impressive dinner.


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