03 March 2011

Crochet Top Towel

So I have a problem. It's Target. Every time I go there I walk through there little dollar section by the front door and I always leave with towels. They sell little 2 packs of waffle towels for the season.  I always tell myself when I buy these towels that the 2 packs would be perfect if I had a sewing machine because I could take one towel and add a crochet topper to hang it on the fridge and end up with a matching set of towels for my kitchen.  Now, that I have a brand new sewing machine I can finally do this with my many, many Target towels.

First things first you find a pattern for a crochet topper. Crochet Pattern Central has quite a few good ones, among many other good patterns for a variety of things. Then prepare your towel to crochet on the topper. 
First, you take one towel and cut it in half.
Next, I double fold the cut edge of both halves and hem them across with the sewing machine.
I hem up both halves because I can use the half with out the embroidery as a wash cloth.  Ideally the half that will be used for the towel topper would be best if it was just surged across the top, but I don't have a surger, so sewing a hem no larger thatn 1/4 of an inch works too. You just don't want the towel to fray.
Next you are going to punch holes across your the top edge of the towel  half you are going to be crocheting (about a 1/4 inch from the edge). Make the the number of holes equal to the number of stiches your pattern calls for.  Then single crochet across the top of your towel. The fabric in my waffle towels was woven loosely enough that I  didn't need to punch holes. My G crochet hook went right through on its own. I also had to fold over my hem asI went because it was a little to wide.
Crochet your topper and add any buttons and voila a matching set of towels. Like I said a 2 pack of towels is great because it leaves you with a crochet topper had towel for your fride with a matching dish towel and wash cloth.


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