22 February 2011

Chainless Foundation Headband

I was looking up patterns to make some baby headbands for a baby shower gift and came across some tutorial videos for chainless foundations.  It was perfect for the headbands because it made them a little stretchier than if it would have started with chains. The videos are By Teresa at crochet-mania.blogspot.com. Here are direct links to the Foundation single crochet, Foundation Half Double Crochet, and Foundation Double Crochet

Chainless Foundation Headband
3 weight yarn I used Bernat Baby Coordinates White
D sized Hook
Row 1 Using the foundation single crochet make the row slightly shorter than your head circumference (It will will stretch.) Ch1, Turn.
Row 2 Reverse sc across top edge of row 1, join the two ends of your strip with a slip stitch in the end of each row and then reverse sc across the bottom edge of Row 1. Fasten off weave in ends.
Add a clip on bow to dress up the headband.

1 comment :

  1. Love this !!!!
    I have a little baby girl on the way, I'm 38 weeks now, so wishing she will come soon! This project seems simple enough.. But It's very hard for me to follow a patter, I never have yet.


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