06 February 2014

Stash-Busting For Stashaholics - Chapeaus Afghan Progress

I had so much fun with the stash-busting last year that I decided to join in again this year and I do have a bit of a yarn addiction, so it's a more of a need to join in again if I ever want to get rid of my extra yarn. Okay, I'll be honest there will always be extra yarn, but I can at least try to keep it in check, right?

My big project that I plan on working on this year is my chapeaus afghan. The pattern by Edna Howell was a free pattern that I got in a Talking Crochet e-newsletter a while back, probably back in 2011.  It really is the perfect way to use up some scrap yarn. Thanks goodness I printed the pattern out, because the issue is no longer available on the Crochet World website.

Anyway, the pattern calls for 63 squares that look like this:

These are the little hats that I made before the start of this year.  I had 20 total, with the finished square.

With 20 hats made, I only need to make 43 more hats. I figure if I make one hat a week, I should be done with the hats afghan by  maybe October. That gives me plenty of time to put the hats into squares and finish the afghan by the end of the year.

 So here are the five new hats I've made since the beggining of the year. Only 38 more to go! The real challenge will be to make 63 unique hats.

As for the rest of my stash-busting for the year I don't have a lot of plans. I do have some yarn to make a monster hat for little boy. I also saw a picture of a darling Unicorn hat on pinterest, and I want to make something for little girl, but strangely I'm out of white yarn. I don't know how a stashaholic like me runs out of regular old worsted weight white yarn, but I'll have to add to my stash to make that unicorn hat.


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  1. Would you be willing to share this pattern? I think it is amazing. whipstaff at yahoo dot com


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