05 November 2013

Stash Buster Challenge - Baby Girl's Blanket Reveal

I told you I was going to finish baby girl's blanket this month and I did. I didn't use a pattern for this blanket, I put it together using ideas I found off of Pinterest. I made a few changes as I was working on it. At first I was only going to make 2 owls and then I decided I needed a 3 third. I was also going to put flowers in the corners, but then I changed my mind. Since owl are nocturnal I decided stars and a moon would be more appropriate. Now, this blanket wasn't entirely made from my stash. I bought the purple and gray yarn specifically for this project, but all the pink, greens, white, and brown yarn did come from my stash. I am very happy with out it turned out. It isn't perfect. My stitches aren't even through out some of it, especially along the edging, but I love it anyway, and I hope baby girl does too.

A close up on the flowers I put along the bottom. I used this Romanian point lace tutorial to make the stems

This is the star that I put in 3 of the corners. The pattern came from the book Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs.

The small stars and moon I put in the forth corner.

The owls, branches, and leaves

Here is a close up of each owl. I love the buttons I found for the eyes

Here is a close up of the bobble stitch pattern I used on the outside panels.

Baby girl looks very happy with the finished project

Little Boy and Baby Girl cuddled up in their blankets


  1. Oh wow Erin well done this is a work of art it's amazing! your little one's are so cute and I can see they just love their blankets. :)

  2. It is adorable and one of a kind blankie! Wonderful job! your little girl is happy of course :)

  3. This is so sweet! I love it!

  4. That's one gorgeous blanket. Lucky girl!


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