14 October 2013

Stash-Buster Challenge - Monster Hat

This whole moving thing has been keeping me so busy that I totally forgot to post this.  A couple of weeks before we moved I went to an activity at our church.  Our relief society (the women's organization at church) held a service auction. It was really quite fun and I came home with a very delicious plate of cookies. Anyway, the service I offered was to make a crocheted hat for someone. The person who won my item wanted a furry monster hat for her daughter.  Now this item wasn't entirely a stash-buster. The lady who won the item provided the furry yarn, but I used up some of the white yarn in my stash for this project.
Sorry, I didn't get the most fantastic pictures.

Little Girl modeling for me, although the hat is quite large on her. I probably would have had little boy do it if he wasn't napping, but then again I don't know how he would have felt about wearing a pink hat.

What's next? Well, I have a bit of stuff to make for our Halloween costumes. We are doing a Super Smash Bros. theme so I have a few different Nintendo Characters to work on and I'm oh so close to being done with that blanket I keep talking about. I just have to sew 6 more appliques on to the blanket and weave in some ends and then I'm done! Hopefully, I can find the time to do it so I can finally show you this blanket I've been talking about all year.


  1. The monster hat is just toooooooooooooooooo cute and soo is your wee man.. Hugs judy

  2. it's lovely, she looks so cute what a lovely smile. :)


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