11 February 2012

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It's no secret that with the changes coming to Google Friend Connect everyone is trying to find new ways for there readers to follow their blogs. I already posted about Linky Followers, which is a decent option. I discovered another blog following service today, Bloglovin'. I'm just starting to explore both services and so far I am really lovin' Bloglovin'. It seems a lot more user friendly than Linky Followers. If you are looking for a service to sign up for so you can follow blogs I would especially recommend signing up for bloglovin' if you use Chrome for your internet browser. It had me had a widget to Chrome that added a little button up in my tool bar that tells me if there are any new unread posts on the blogs that I follow. That is particularly nice because that means I don't have to remember to check another site to see if any of my favorite blogs have a new posts. Google Chrome will let me know.
Look, I have one unread post.
Bloglovin' if going to automatically add your posts to their site for your readers. Unfortunately, you'll have to do it manually in Linky Followers, since it's a new site and the guy is offering it for free and just doesn't have the resources to do automatically yet. Bloglovin' can also publish posts to your personal Facebook page, but I haven't figured out if they will publish to my Blog's fan page yet.
Another great service is Networked Blogs. It's an app for Facebook. It will also publish to your personal Facebook page and your Blog's fan page. I've been using it for along time to publish my new post to facebook (one less thing I have to remember to do myself) but I haven't really used it as a following service yet, but people can use it to follow your blog. 
Although, Bloglovin' is my favorite service so far, if you are a blogger and you are looking for ways for your followers to check in on you I would definitely sign up for both Bloglovin, Linky Followers and Networked Blogs. I would also suggest you start a Facebook page if you don't already have one. Give your readers as many options as possible to follow you. They'll pick the one that works best for them, all you have to do is provide it.  All of these services are free, so it can't hurt to give them all a shot. All of these sites offer widgets you can add to your blog that people can click on to follow.

Now, go a head and choose a way to follow me:

Follow A Crafty Cook
Follow A Crafty Cook


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