01 November 2011

Happy Halloween - Star Wars Style

I hope you all had a happy Halloween. I know I did. I celebrated by stopping at Starbucks for some Caramel Apple Spices for me and the hubby and then we watched TV while the trick-or-treaters stopped by.  We seriously had a record number drop by too. The doorbell rang at least 10 times which is a lot more than the maybe 2 times last year and the 0 times it always rang when we were still in Provo.
Our real Halloween fun was on Saturday night. We had the church chili cook off/trunk-or-treat. I was so excited to dress up. It's been a few years. We wanted to dress baby up as an Ewok so we went for a Star Wars theme. I sewed the costumes myself, which was a ton of work so we better wear them for like the next 10 years. Well, I didn't sew the Ewok costume. I crocheted the little hat and let me tell you, it is really hard to find solid brown baby pajamas.  We might have gone a little over board with the Star Wars Jack-o-Lanterns and the Star Wars Trunk, but it was worth it because out trunk took 1st place!

Cutest Evok EVER!


Death Star, Storm Trooper, and Light Saber pumpkins

1st prize trunk.


  1. The Ewok hat is amazing! Love all 3 costumes. I don't think I could ever get my husband to dress up, but a Star Wars costume would probably be "my only hope"!!! (visiting from TT&J)

  2. Great costumes! The pumpkins and trunk are amazing too!

  3. You guys look awesome! My 5 year old is a Star Wars fanatic - I wish we could have seen you walking around our neighborhood :) Thank you so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

    -Trish@ Mom On Timeout


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