04 October 2011

Etsy Success

I finally had a sale through my Etsy Shop last week.  In fact I had two! I know this doesn't make it an extremely successful business, but it sure makes me feel better about how its going. The funny this is that I haven't sold any of the hats that I have listed, both orders were custom orders.

The first order I got was from a lady looking for a Halloween custom for her baby girl. Her two older boys are going to be Mario and Luigi, so she thought a Toad hat would be a good match. She had me add a detachable flower and the cords to make it a little more girly.

 The second order wasn't really an Etsy order. I mention on Facebook that somebody ordered a hat from me and one of my facebook friends sent me a message noticing that my Etsy photo shows baby booties, and she asked if I sold them and she ended up buying 5 pairs.
 Here's a little close up. They button on the side.
I'm hoping now that the weather is getting cooler my shop might start doing better. I mostly have hats listed and they are more of a seasonal thing.  Anyway, I'm happy I finally sold something after a month!


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