10 June 2011

Pillow Case Window Valance

Right now, the little office/extra room is probably the best decorated room in our little duplex and that really isn't saying much AT ALL.  I have some nice white and turquoise bedding for the futon when it's being used as a bed. When we were wandering though Burlington Coat factory I found some cheap wall are that matched the bedding perfectly and then I though maybe they'll have some curtains that matched the wall art, and they didn't but it didn't quite match the bedding because it had some lime green thrown it. My husband reminded me that I had a sewing machine and that I could make some curtains and while we were a burlington I found another set of the same bedding I already have for 10 dollars and figured I could use some of that extra set as fabric and it would still leave me with some extra bedding. I only ended up using two pillow cases to make a valance. So I still have an set of sheets and 2 more pillow cases.

To my valance I started out with my two plain embroidered pillow cases.

Using a seam ripper I removed the strips with the embroidery and  then cut them it 5 pieces. I sewed these 5 pieces into one long strip.  I took une of the embroideredless pillow cases and cut it (hot dog style) into 4 strips then stitched those 4 strips into one really long strip.  I hemmed up up the 2 long short edgeds and one long and basted along the other long edge and gathered it to the same length as the embroidered strip for a little bit of a ruffled look. I stitched these 2 trips together and using the last pillow I case I made some loops for the curtain rod and stitched them to the top of the embroidered strip.  Now the room doesn't look quite so boring and like I said, it only used 2 pillow cases.

I couldn't decide which picture looked better so I put up both.


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