23 May 2011


This is the apron my husband and I were given as wedding gift. It's your basic apron.  Now, a few weeks ago one of my friends mentioned she had a bunch of fabric she didn't want that I could come look through. I thought maybe I would find some good stuff and make a cute apron. I looked through her fabric. I didn't find a lot, but she did have a nice solid blue that I ended up taking. I went to Joanne to get stuff for another project and decide to look for something to match the solid blue so I could make that apron. I found a little blue and white plaid/checkered type design in the clearance section. I had no idea what this apron would look like so it was an added bonus when while at Joanne I found a little free project instruction packet hanging by the fabric quarters that had info for a scarf, a pillow, a blanket and a super cute apron in it. PERFECT! It had a list on all the required materials and said the full instructions were online here: 
Josephine Apron : sewing & embroidery : Shop | Joann.com

This is the apron I made:
It's a lot cuter than the old one, a little too Dorothy form Wizard of Oz for me. Aside from fabric choice I'm happy with how it turned out. (Don't worry I'll still keep the old one so my husband doesn't have to wear this new, very feminine one.) It didn't take all that long to make. The project packet said time to make is 5 hours. I would say that was a pretty accurate estimate, since I cut out all of the pieces one night and sewed it up the next morning. The project packet also said the project requires some previous sewing experience. I also agree with that statement because the instructions were a little confusing and could use a bit more details so it requires so sewing know-how and some sewing common sense to figure out some of the instructions. (Seriously, it says to pin the ruffle on the bottom, but never says top sew it on.) Overall it was a fairly easy project. I'd make that apron again, (with even cuter fabric). 


  1. I really like it! Thanks for the link!

  2. I LOVE that apron!! It turned out so CUTE! And thanks for sharing the link to your blog! :)


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