25 March 2011

Chapeaus Afghan

Click here for larger image.
Design by Edna Howell
Copyright © 2008 Quick & Easy 
Scrap Designs, Annie's Attic.
I get emails for Talking Crochet, a crochet magazine and saw this afghan in one of the emails a couple weeks ago and I do agree that it would be a great way to use scrap yarn.  I figured I'd share and knew if I linked to the pattern on my blog I'd be able to find the pattern again.  I've got a few of the hat motifs done but I need to build up my supply of scrap yarn if I'm ever going to finish.

I decided to remove the pattern from my blog because I don't want to infringe on anyone's copy right. I don't know if I was, but just in case.
Here is a link to the original pattern.

Update: The pattern is no longer available on the website via the link above. I was very dissapointed when I wanted to work on the blanket and couldn't find the pattern. I googled and googled and finally found a link that provided me with the pattern so...
When you click on this it will probably open up the dialog for your printer. You can either print it right out or cancel out of the printer window and view it in your internet browser. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

Here are some close up pictures of one of the hats I made.


  1. i love the hat pattern. but iam having trouble understanding hoe to do the bow round. i sc around the hat but it just dont look right. can you show a close up on how it is to look. thank you debi. ladylightbuld@hotmail.com


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